Saturday, August 21, 2004

Lost Document

By Kazz Falcon

This morning, I was pretty upset with me.
I wrote a beautiful poem about Strange Presence.
I paid more attention to the web than the art.
I closed the document.
For some reason, it didn't save my art.
Damn, I quickly opened it up.
The worst happened, the art wasn't save at all.
I got mad and screamed out loud.
I couldn't believe I lost the art.
I tried to remember the poem.
I didn't have such luck.
I knew the first two lines and few lines in between.
I couldn't think of the rest.
I thought too hard that I had a brain fart! LOL
That's what we get for thinking too hard.
I gave up remembering it.
I normally save each time I type something down.
This time, I didn't.
That really sucks.

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