Wednesday, August 18, 2004

8/18/04 Wednesday


I woke up about 6:30 AM. It was too early for me. I fell back to sleep till 8:30 AM. I skipped breakfast. Sometimes, I won't eat breakfast. Yes, I know! Breakfast is the most important meal for the day. I started the day early without breakfast. I have things to do today which I put off yesterday. You know, my off day! On the way to the bus stop, Miguel called me, wishing me a happy day. I mentioned I was on the way to the post office. He was happy to hear that.

Sex popped in my mind. I realized it wasn't a good ideal for sex with him. It wasn't in our best interest. To this day, he is still drinking his brain out and I can't cope it. He will used sex to get what he want. NO thanx, Miguel. I had enough of you for a lifetime! On the bus, it was Miguel again! He wondered if we could play. I said, "I don't have time." He said, "Later on." I lied, "I just can't. I have bills to pay. I have things to do." He asked, "Do u still want to? Please tell me. Do you have a boyfriend.?" I didn't answer him. I quickly said BYE!

There was no mail for Miguel. I went to Being Alive. I waited about ten minutes for help. No one was hardly there. Most of them was in back. He finally helped me. I mentioned I want hypnosis and writing class. He made a joke, "I picked the ones that I need to call them! Yes, they do it here." I told him I was here about two years ago. He asked, "Have you moved?" I said, "Yes. "He made me to fill out an change of address. I wanted to use a fake address. Instead, I used my real one.I will call them later this week. Remind me, folks! I will remind you to remind you! LOL.

I caught the bus. I pondered about the writing class. For some reason, i wasn't feeling it. I made up my mind. Since I was out, I might as well. I took the subway to Path. Someone mentioned they wasn't open. I tried anyway. The security guard asked, "What are you here for?" I showed him computer class. He asked, "You know where Pathfinders is." I lied. He told me to walk through the doors. He opened the door. I walked up to this lady. I said, "I was here for computer class." She look likeI was some kind of freak! Really, I thought she worked there. Some guy offered to help me instead.

Oh yes! I remembered him. He was new before I left Path in July 2002. He was there about a month. THe orientation is Mondays at 9 AM. It will be about four days. After that, I will take the computer class. I walked away then turned around, "Monday at 9 AM?" He said, "Yes." I walked to the bus stop. The bus was coming. A car almost him me; I ran across the gas station's parking lot. That was ALMOST my second car accident. I took the bus to Sunset. I took bus 2 home. I was hot. I just went straight home. I made it on time for All My Children. Babe gave her dad some orange juice to check; she thinks her husband, JR, wants to kill her! Adam and JR was plotting his death! They want to look like that Babe wants to kill him instead, then JR can defends his wife! Yes, folks, soaps are that damn crazy!

I watched Bold & Beautiful. Rick had it out with his ex, Amber. Rick's step brother, thomas showed up and demanded Rick to leave her alone. They got into it. Thomas thrown Rick against the wall. Ridge wants Caitlin to stop seeing Rick. Rick and Caitlin kissed; they were ready for sex. Thomas went to see Caitlin's father about you know who! Then, it just happened! We need to wait till tomorrow! LOL

I watched One Life to Live. Nora and Lindsey got into another fight. Lindsey accused her that she wants her leftovers! David broke them up. Roxie threatened Lindsey to leave her son alone; he was too young for him. I watched Y&R on tape. Nick showed up at the Rec Center to work. Paul showed Nikki the birthday movie; he truly suspects that she must know something about her childhood friend's murder.

Wayne called me during Y&R. I got off the bed. I mentioned I have some good news for him. Hollywood Community Housing can help him to find a place. I told him that Western/Sunset will accept Section 8. Who knows? We can be neighbors! That will be awesome! We always do something together. He sometimes take me to shopping at the malls when we were homeless! No, Idon't think he goes shopping every week. He sold his car. Wayne and I caught up on old times. I mentioned I see Mike, the moon and the stars guy. I don't think he ever met Peter/Brian. He was before their time at the shelter.

HE saw the computer and writing class on the piece of paper I gave him yesterday with my phone number. He asked, "Do you want to go back to school?" I said, "I want to take the classes." He said, "You can take it at the gay center. You won't have to pay for it." Wayne was happy that I didn't went with him yesterday to pick up his meds; the bus broke down and he walked to the doctors. He knew I wouldn't like that. Damn straight I wouldn't! LOL. Some meds wasn't there. He will get them the next day thou. He really needs them.

Bob was in his final stages of AIDS. Yet, Bob was still hanging in there. Charles said Hi again! Charles is Wayne's long time friend. I invited both of them to see my place. He will call me later. I told him I don't have a boyfriend, I loved being single. Wayne mentioned that some things never changed. He only see me a slut, whore, and sex monster! hehe. Really, I wasn't any of those things! Then again, I was in the past. Wayne brought up the old shelter in Weho, "only if the walls could talk." I laughed. Boy, Wayne was so right about that! Target, Best Buy, Starbucks & others took the shelter's spot.

The rest of the day.......I did my normal things I do every day - soaps, online and so forth. Nothing more, nothing less. Wait till next week. My weeks will be ACTIVE! Thank God! It was about time too.

Good night.

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