Wednesday, August 25, 2004

8/25/04 Wed


6 AM - I woke up early. I ate some honeycombs and drank milk. I checked the posts online.

7:45 AM - I went to the bus stop. The 304 bus didn't even stop for us! The nerve of them! I said, "DAMN!" A lady mentioned it was rude. The Sunset bus showed up. I pondered to take it or not. I made up my mind. Oh well, I may be late. I took it to Civil Center. The subway took me to Beverly/Vermount.

Wow, I was too early! I got there at 8:30 AM. Eric signed me in. I waited in the big area. To past up the time, I did my art. Eric showed up, "Another five minutes for people to show up." We went to the courtroom about the job interview. I was quite bored with it. One lady won't even shut up at all; she kept on going and going. The class lasted till 10 AM. So, I went home. I noticed the tape wasn't in the VCR! It was a good thing I came home when I did.

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