Tuesday, August 24, 2004

8/24/04 Tuesday


6:40 AM - I woke up. I ate some cereal and drink milk. I went online for a while. It was cold, but not that cold. I left the coat behind unlike yesterday. I went to same way to Path. This time, I was the first one there. Other came. Eric, a worker, said, "We should wait about 5 minutes for more people to show up." Of course, more showed up. Molly explained we will take a test on the computer. We took our stuff with us.

We sat down at the computers. I zoomed the test. There was about 137 questions. I was done first. Eric printed out the test. Eric complimented it was good to be artistic. ALL RIGHT! I mostly answered Hollywood stuff like a play, acting, singing, dancing. The test was right on the money! Hollywood is so me! The next test was short, mostly about work. Achievement was the most important to me. Once again, the test was right. about me. Molly asked, "Do I need a resume?" I said, "Nope." But I will love to get off the lazy money. It will make me to feel so good.
I went back to the main room and waited. Others came back in doves. The flamboyant black guy finally arrived. He just took both tests. I was the first one to talk at Eric's desk. He wanted to update my file. He expalined that the teacher was on vacation; he will be back by Sept 6. I was all set now. Good, two more days to go. Damn, that was fast. I was there about 40 minutes. I had time to get some burrentos. I took the subway to Ralphs. Nah, it wasn't worth it. 3 for $1. I walked to Food For Less. I hit the jackpot. 4 for .98 cent! I brought a truckload.

I went home. Ron showed up to use the computer. I watched the soaps and ate two burrentos. Miguel called me; he claimed he will always loves me. He started to cry and hung up! I forgot to ask about the money. I still need to know! Then I can fill out his papers for housing! Funny thou, I asked him about housing; he didn't call them yet. Ron went home. I went online for a while.

Mike called me about 3 PM to come over. Ron showed up again to play video games. Mike showed up for the computer. I played video games with Ron. The game was so loud. I turned it down. Later, Mike revealed he can't think when the game was loud. Ron and I kicked ass, we finished the whole game.

I came back from the restroom; Ron was gone. I played Joust. Ron showed up again. He picked up his special cig and left again. I watched Fox 11. Mike was finally done. I made some Mac & Cheese. We ate the food. Mike went home about 8. I watched my shows.

Time for bed! Night, guys!

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