Friday, August 20, 2004

8/20/04 Friday


I didn't do anything that much today. I mostly tend to my art all day long. I did a good number of art in a long time. That was fagulous. I watched the soaps like always. I checked Earth Journal for more art. It was really a slow day; nothing much to talk about. Mike called me after 5 PM. I lied that Miguel was here. I told him I can send Miguel on his way. Mike laughed! He was still researching the one guy's chart. He will come over this weekend.

I listened to the radio. I was online. I got depressed. Some life I had. There wasn't nothing much to the life. Same old crap. Maybe, my life will change for the better when I move to Sunset/Western. I really hope so. I had a fun time at Gower few years ago. My friends came over all the time about every day. These days, I hardly see any of them

Well, this one was a very short one. I mentioned there was nothing much to talk about.

So, I was signing off...........good night.

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