Saturday, August 14, 2004

8/14/04, Saturday

KBIG 104 - disco music

I was updating Earth Journal. Few days ago, I found out that Blogger changed the format. We have an profile, "About Me" and more. I switched the journal to a new timeplate for the new things.

I listened to KBig 104.3, the main radio station I listen to. Mike called me about my chart. HE claimed I was smarter and so forth. I really don't believe that crap. He wanted to come over tonight. I told him that he can come over now. He said he need to take a shower and he will call me when he leave.

Few hours later, I decided to cook SOMETHING different. We always have Tuna Helper, Tuna Fish Sandwich, tuna with green beans, tuna ANYTHING! I was so sick of eating TUNA!

He sure loves TUNA. As much I love Tuna Helper, I won't have it every week or so. I made mashed potatos and streak. I boiled the meat for the first time. Miguel mostly cook the meat in the boil; he was a fagulous cook. I wanted to give the boil a try.

Mike haven't show up or call. I assumed he was on his way now. I started the mashed potatos early in the hot water. By the time, I cook the mean, the potato will be soft. I put the Lawry's Seasoned Salt on both side of the meat. I think the meat was in the boil about 10 minutes.

I fixed my plate. The steak turned out to be very good. I think I will use the boil from now on. On the stove takes lots of time. The boil is FASTER! I ate at my desk, update the journal and checked out the forums. There was no signs of Mike yet. It looked like he wasn't coming. It was getting late. I left the food out for a while for him.

I talked on the phone with Brian. Peter was grocery shopping. Brian needed to be away from him for a while. Peter was getting on his nerves. I explained he can always come over to get away from Peter for a little while. YEs, I wasn't being a whore to him. Brian and I are friends. Please get your freaking mind out of the gutter! hehe.

Brian was running out of collage money too. He doesn't want to go back on GR. He wants a part time job close to his place. I suggested why not Target? He worked there over four years. I also want to work too. It was time to get off the LAZY MONEY! Yet, I have no job experience at all. See what the lazy money can do to you! LOL. Instead, he wanted to work at Ikea or Bed Bath Beyond. The discount can do wonders for his apartment.

I told him that I may move in December at the new apartments on Sunset/Western. I have a good chance of moving! No one have a problem with me. His mother don't have the internet any more. She recently lost her phone. Brian wanted her to get on a new cell plan, but she refused. She kept on going over her minutes. and he have no way ot getting in touch with her either.

Brian invited me to see a vollyball game at Venice Beach. I will go tomorrow, but I wasn't feeling it at all. It will be fun to go to the beach. I haven't been in a while. I mentioned if I don't call, that means I am not going. He invited me last week too. I didn't went either. They normally have game every week. One of this weeks, I will go. Perhaps, every week! Hmmm, seeing all the hot men boucing the balls! What a sight!

We said Goodbye to each other. We hunged up the phone. Brian will relax till Peter gets home from the grocery shopping. Well, it was so late. I finally put the leftovers in the frig. I will eat it tomorrow night. I finished updating Earth Journal after 12 midnight. I watched Married With Children, then I went straight to bed. An hour later, the vibrating phone woke me up. It can be one person - my ex, Miguel! I didn't answer the phone. I went backto sleep.

Good night!

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