Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Off Day


Today was an off day........so lazy at it! I made up my mind. Yesterday was my first AND last day at computer class. I will seek something else. I thought about the other class I took few years ago. I bet I could go back; I wasn't a problem at all. That class have a teacher AND a book unlike yesterday.

How can I learn when there was no one was around to teach class? I could teach myself, but I need to learn from a book. Learning on the computer wouldn't cut it for me. If I was stuck on something, I always can COUNT on the book no matter what. I wanted to drop by the shleter today. I wanted an off day. There won't be an writing class for tonight either. Tomorrow, I will sign up for both, including the Hypnosis at Being Alive.

There were some things I want to sort out from my past through hypnosis. I can let go off the anger and the past. Some things I want to be sure it did happen too like the attempted murder in the 1970's. I hoped I didn't imagine any of it from the past. Man, I had lots of anger. If it didn't happen thou, I wasted so much time to be ANGRY over nothing! Most of the anger is toward dear old mommy. Yet, I kept on running away from the past and I wanted no part of my mom either. With hypnosis, I can confront the past and stop running away from the past. Then, I will be a happy person.

Also, I won't bite my nails that much; it was a bad habit I have. I bite the nails to the very end, searching for gold! LOL. I will like to become a better talker; all my life, my tongue was so lazy! hehe. I have so many stories. I want to bring out within too. There was one story, Chilly The Iceberg, I have been trying to remember. Few years ago, I accidently threw the story away. For the life of me, I can't remember the wonderful story. I wanted to be a better writer and typist. I still look at the keyword to type. My friend, Brian, don't need to look. I can do so much with hypnosis.

I was so hungry that I made cupcakes. Miguel called me about 2:24 PM. He wondered if he was bothing me. I told him that I was in the middle of baking cupcakes. Miguel said, "For whom?" I said. "No one at all." He didn't believed me. He put on our favourite song, Bette Midler's Wind Beneath My Wings. That song will always remind me of him. OKAY! Miguel needs to get over me. He asked, "Did I get something?" Nope, nothing at all. I asked, "Did you take an AIDS test?" He still refused to take one. He needs one for HIV Housing. Well, I gave up on helping him.

Few weeks ago, I mentioned he need to appy for housing to get off the damn street. He have been going from place to place; he won't go to a shelter or his sister's. He wants to count on people for help. Miguel, hear me, I won't help you any more! He should have take the AIDS Test by now. The sooner he gets one, the sooner he can apply for housing. He don't have an ID at all; he was mugged couple months ago. He didn't even tell the police either. I won't even bother to bring up housing or the test. He mentioned that I don't need to worry about him; I won't any longer.

Mike came over to use the web. He had some emails to do; he recieved an recommend from a fellow astrology - Mike was the best to help him with the moon and the stars. I watched TV and cooked us Mac & Cheese. I laid in bed, watching Trading Spouses & That 70's Show. Mike left at 10 PM. I watched my favourite reality show, THE AMAZING RACE! I checked the messages in the forums. Jermahon accidently told me that Charla/Mirna was the last team! Oops! She was sorry thou. No biggie thou. I know the power of the web; the information is fastest on the web. It happened a few times.

Miguel called me again about mail; I wasn't paying that much attention to him. I was more interest in the Amazing Race than him. LOL. He thought my boyfriend was here. What boyfriend? I don't have one. He mentioned if I can't talk, tell him. That was my day. Off to Taxi then bed time. Night, all.

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