Tuesday, August 31, 2004

8/31/04 Tuesday


I got up early. It was time to get the free bus pass at APLA. That is the only thing I need from them. I took 304 to the subway. The light turned green. I walked across the street. I noticed someone standing at the door. It looked like an old friend. I called out, "Sean!" Nothing happened. I truly felt like I know him. I walked up the stairs. I called out his name again. This time, he heard me. Man, we haven't seen it each for a long time. Sean was Robert's ex.

He mentioned he was so moved by God in the church. When he heard my voice, he thought an angel was talking to him! ROFL. Yes, guys, I am an angel and don't forget that! hehe. We caught up old times. I mentioned it was too hot to talk in the sun. We went over to the shade. We continued to talk. Robert poked his finger at me. I didn't see him there all along. He was talking to this one guy. My mind was on Sean!

I told them I was still at the same place and, hopefully, moving to an one bedroom apartment on Western/Sunset at the end of the year. They offered to help me move. Robert and Taylor helped me the last time I moved from Miguel's on Cherokee in September 2002. Taylor was another ex of Robert's! Miguel was my ex. He said, "I have the paper work from APLA." They asked, "What are you doing now?" I said, "I need to pick up the bus pass." Robert haven't got a bus pass in a long time. Robert asked about Taylor - we haven't seen him in a few months. He thought he lived with Michael. As far I know, he still lives on Gower. Taylor have'nt check him email in months.

We walked to APLA. Robert mentioned he was getting movies from the web, the current ones like Spiderman 2, Shrek 2 and more. We went to the third floor for the bus pass. It was on the second floor few months ago. We got the passes. I asked, "what are you doing now?" Sean invited me to go with them to the pawn shop. We walked down the stairs to outside. Robert wanted to get some food. We went to the food bank behind APLA. I waited outside. Robert came out; his card expired. He need new everythng. APLA need to update his case every year. Sean came out too. Robert told him the same thing. Sean mentioned that he will be moving to the valley tomorrow. It was time to get his own place.

We got in Sean's new "old" car. I thought it was new. His last car was two passangers. Robert offered to get in the back. Nah, I can sit in the back. They mentioned that Sean brought a new laptop for work; Mike ruined the last one. Mike used to work for him. We arrived at the pawn shop, near the cable company a block away. Sean need to pick up his sword and a watch. We looked around. I mentioned to Robert, "for the old things, this is very expensive!" They have about everything there.......guitars, rings, watches, coins and others. I put the sword on my hip to carry it. We continued to look around. Robert likes this clock that he wanted Sean to buy for him, an early birthday present. He thought I wanted to buy it for him.

I saw a chinese picture in the back room. It cost over $500. Man, i really love that picture. I was tempted to get it. I can't afford it thou. I was drawn to the chinese as much as Hollywood, itself. I have lots of Buddas at my place. Rub his stomach, u will get good luck! I still want to join an Budda religion for a while. I haven't find an church yet. Someday, I will. We were ready to leave. Sean didn't know where his sword was. Robert mentioned I have it, that bastard! hehe. I hoped I could play with Sean for a little while.

We went to the car. I said, "Sean, you need to open the trunk first." Robert's door was already open. We were hungry. I didn't eat breakfast. We decided to eat Fatburgers. I haven't been there since the last 90's. We ordered burger, fries and coke. We waited for our food. We chatted awhile. Sean brought up my ex. I finally admitted that I was having sex with my ex. Sean guessed right! I told them that Miguel called me out of the blue last year. I didn't tell them that Miguel used to stay with me for a while at Waterloo. Robert remembered how Miguel was with me when i moved out. No biggie thou. Miguel and I were friends as much as Sean/Robert were.

We ate our lunch. Sean wondered where I want to go. I mentioned, Home. I can do the errands tomorrow. I can get the rent money and pay the bills. Robert got off in the street when the light was still RED. It reminds me of Happy Days! I got in the front seat. We talked for a while. He wondered why Robert and I don't hang out. He told me that Robert told him that we were doing our own thing; which was true. Really, I don't want to hang out with him; Robert never ever pay me back the $200 he oles me. I kept it inside of me. Sean mentioned they haven't been getting along; Robert was an grouch in the morning. LOL.

Sean wanted to use my phone; he need to call his friend in the valley. He supposed to go her place after he drops me off. We arrived to my place. I invited him in; this was his first time to be at my place. He was impressed; he likes it alot. Sean brought up my money. I showed him the checks. He gave me an bright ideal. I should put the checks in CDs; let my money grows, not sit there. I have been wanting to do that for the longest time, but I don't know nothing much about the CDs. Sean offered to helped me. He tried to get in contact with his friend online; nope, she wasn't on. Sean used the phone again. He gave me his email; he don't have the web any more. We hugged. He went to his friend's.

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