Friday, August 27, 2004

One Year Anniversary


This is my first entry. Don't worry. I won't probe you - not yet anyway! LOL I came in this world in 1969, where I, somehow, born to human beings! I don't have the slightest ideal how that happen. Then again, I should know. I am an alien. hehe I travelled through many miles to get where I am comfortable in life. Some humans just don't treat me right. I left home to find my own kind of aliens. I am a gentle soul with love to offer. I got to go now. Till the next time, I seek out love, peace and understanding among the humans.

What u just read was my FIRST EVER POST on August 27, 2003.

Yeah, today was my one year anniversary of EARTH JOURNAL!

Time sure flies when we have fun. Some months, I was not active in this journal.

There was nothing to write if life is that freaking boring.

I promised I will do my best to be active for this journal.

After all, it's all about me and then some! Gossip! Scandals! Juicy bits! Fun facts! Even the BIZARRE!

Congratulations to me!

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