Saturday, August 21, 2004

8/21/04 Saturday

Happy KBIG 104

This morning, I was pretty upset with me. I wrote a beautiful poem about Strange Presense. I paid more attention to the web than the art. I closed the document. For some reason, it didn't save my art. Damn, I quickly opened it up. The worst happened, the art wasn't save at all. I got mad and screamed out loud. I couldn't believe I lost the art.

I tried to remember the poem. I didn't have no such luck. I knew the first two lines and few lines in between. I couldn't think of the rest. I thought too hard that I had a brain fart! LOL That's what we get for thinking too hard. I gave up remembering it. I normally save each time I type something down. This time, I didn't. That really sucks.

It was cool out. It just like living in San Fransico. I won't mind living there! I pondered about taking my coat. I checked the weather online. I don't need the coat. By afternoon, it will be hot. Besides, I hate carrying a coat on hot days. I took 304 bus. I played Tetris. The bus made a detour. It was time for Sunset Junction. We were in traffic about ten minnutes, then we were on our way.

A lady got on the bus at La Brea. She accidently hit me with her backpack and sat down. I looked at her. She mentioned she was sorry. Then her friend sat besides her. I won Tetris for the upteenth time! Man, I was that good now. I got off the bus. I picked up the mail. Miguel FINALLY got some mail! Then again, it wasn't the mail he wanted - his ID. I opened up his mail. Good, they sent the application. I went to the bus stop. I went through the application. I can do the application for him when I get home. I mostly know about his situation. The bus picked us up.

I looked at the application really good. All I need to know about much money Miguel gets. That was the one thing I don't know. The rest was easy to fill out. I put it in the packback. The bus took a detour. Mike called me. I told him that he can come over. He can't wait to do the guy's chart. I mentioned he needs to go to another way. Silverlake was a big mess. I told him that Sunset Juction was this weekend. He will take third to Alvarado. We hunged up. I just went home.

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