Thursday, September 30, 2004

This House

By Kazz Falcon

This house I lived in
It was beautiful at first
Lots of love was there
It was comfortable and pleasant
Sunshine was in every room
Even where the sun couldn’t reach
I was at peace
I had no problems
It was home sweet home
I could live here forever
Now, the house was dark and gloomy
I was concerned about my roomie
Something wasn’t right
There was a large shadow over him
I didn’t felt safe at all
I pestered him till he talk
He confessed he lost his job few months ago
He mentioned he had no other choice
I was confused about the last comment
He admitted the boss fired him
I wondered why
He wouldn’t tell me why
Next few weeks, I noticed lots of people was showing up
Some of them came during the middle of the night
I realized drugs entered our home
My roomie decided to make fast money
He sold drugs at the house
I wasn’t happy about it
This wasn’t a home any more
It was home hell home
He ruined the sunshine in this house

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