Saturday, September 25, 2004

9/25/04 Saturday


I had a fagulous day. I was quite please with everything. The sun was shinning, the buses were cool, everything was marvelous. I left my place after 9 AM. I waited in the hot sun for a while. 304 took me to the post office. I got some mail - Nintendo Power and Entertainment Weekly. Then, I caught 304 to Fairfax. Then I went to Barnes & Noble at the Grove.

I went straight to the chairs. I noticed there was some change on a chair. So much, I wanted to steal it, but I didn't. I could have sat down in that chair. Instead, I got a book. I put the book in my chair. The money was still there. I went back to get more books. Then, I went to my seat again. No one claimed it yet. I was tempted to get the money. I started to read San Fransico Then & Now. The lady next to me got up from her chair. She noticed the money. She asked if it was mine. I said, "No!" I noticed she had a name tag in her hand. Dear Lord! She worked there! It will be so funny that she caught me red handed stealing the money from the seat! OOPS!

Few people came and went from the chairs. I saw a black guy sat down and put some books on the table. Hmm, I was intrigue by the books! They were Buddha books! I wanted to grab one from the table to read. I read London Then & Now, then I read a TV book. The black guy finally left with the books on the table. Of course, I grabbed those books. I read them. It was very interesting to read. I learn more about Budda! So badly, I wanted to buy those books. There were easy to know. I think the next time I will buy them.

There was some web links on the back of the book. I wrote some down on the paper. I will look at those sites. I was at the book store about three hours. I took a walk around the mall. I called Mike at the waterfall pond. He mentioned he will come over tomorrow. He was taking a break from the book. He will start all over. We hung up. I walked in the shade. I finally called Robert. I wanted to get some movies for the weekend. Sean answered the phone instead. He was meaning to call me; he was busy. He couldn't take me yet; he need to go to Barstow to work on his friend's house. We will go after he gets back. I heard Robert yelled, "Hi, Kazz." in the background. I didn't have a chance to talk to him; the phone call was short.

I walked to the bus stop. Damn, it was too hot. I was already sweating. I stood behind the pole. I didn't want to melt. Really, it will put me in the hospital. The dash bus picked me up. Oh well, it was the wrong bus. I didn't want to wait in the sun that long. We turned on La Cingena from Melrose. I saw another Dash bus. I wanted to get off the bus at Melrose. I wasn't sure what bus it was. I realized I saw another dash bus on Melrose going the other way. It was too late to get off. I was thinking of taking that bus to Hollywood/Highland.

The bus dropped me off at Beverly Center. I thought the Rapid bus was running. I checked the bus sign. Man, it only runs on the weekdays! I was out of luck. I stood behind the pole again. It was hot, hot, HOT! A while later, the dash bus came. It was the same one I got off. He was heading back to Fairfax. Far away, the 105 was coming. I checked my phone. Oops, I missed Mike's call. I called him back. I caught 105. He told me the good news. He is getting a pussy! I mentioned I wanted one too. He explained the women will put the pussies on the floor, if the pussy goes to him, he can have the same one. He prefer to go alone. He can't wait for his pussy. I got off 105. Bus 4 was already at the light. I jumped on bus 4. He was so happy to get a pussy. Mike mentioned he needs to buy food and litter! We hung up the phone.

I realized this wasn't 304. I hate taking bus 4. 304 was my favourite. this time, I didn't mind bus 4. It cool me off from the damn heat. Thank God! I wasn't in a rush to go home; I want to enjoy this beautiful day more. I arrived at the bus stop. I got home at 4 PM. I listened to the radio. I was hungry. I ate two peanut butter sandwich. I served the web a bit. I looked up the Buddha web sites. I sent them some emails.

"Good evening. I am interest of learning Buddhist and such. I want to learn for the longest time. I haven't find the right place to get information."

Hopefully, they will respond to me this week. I want to LEARN NOW! I was ready for it. It was something I wanted to do.

That was my fun filled day! I may watch tv in a little while or listen to more radio; Disco Night was on KBIG! It was Saturday night! I may turn to bed early. I may go to church in the morning. Laters, guys.

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