Wednesday, September 1, 2004

10 Reasons Being Gay is Wrong


10 Reasons Being Gay is Wrong

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1.) Homosexuality is not natural, much like dyed hair and nose rings are not natural.

2.) Heterosexual marriages are better than Homosexual marriages because Heterosexual marriages produce children. Old and infertile people should not be allowed to marry either, because the world needs more children. Especially in China.

3.) Homosexual parents will raise children who will grow up to be homosexuals. Just like Heterosexual parents will raise children that will grow up only to be heterosexual.

4.) Gay marriage would be less meaningful. Certainly less meaningful than Britney Spear's two-day marriage just for fun.

5.) Being gay is a conscious choice. Some people just choose to be hated and discriminated by others for their entire lives.

6.) Children should not be raised by homosexual parents because they will grow up with a warped view of marriage. Divorced and separated couples are much better examples.

7.) Children should not be raised by homosexual parents because they need an example of both sexes as role models. Single parents should not be allowed to raise their children either.

8.) Marriage should not be changed to include gays. Marriage has been around for a long time, and has not changed at all in all that time. Women are still property, blacks cannot marry whites, and divorce is illegal.

9.) Homosexuality is not supported by religion. We must always do what religion tells us to, because the United States is a theocracy ruled by the church and has no room for any other views.

10.) Civil unions, providing many of the same benefits as same-sex marriages, are a better way of deciding the issue. After all, the "separate but equal" policy has always gone over well in the past.

THE BOTTOM LINE: there are no reasons but ignorance.

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