Tuesday, September 14, 2004

9/14/04 Tuesday


Yesterday, I forgot to add an entry for yesterday which I am doing today before tomorrow comes in 35 minutes. Got that?

I got off the bus on Vermount/Beverly. I went to the corner. This guy guy caught my attention. I felt like he wanted me. I wouldn't pay attention to him. I was anxious to get away from him. I want to focus on my life, not sex. When I became successful, then i will start thinking of a new lover. Right now was not the time for a fling or a new lover. He was handsome. It was hard NOT to look at me. He didn't stop looking at me.

I went to class. It was much better. I am getting an hang of the class. It was cold in the room too. I was glad I brought the coat with me. I was learning new things in class like atl + shift D = Date. T is the time. I was excited. It will take me far. I can see myself working at a publisher or some studio. It was a dream. Perhaps, I can get my book published.

I gave the teachers my work. I didn't do that well. I need to do the papers again. There was 30 minutes left. I couldn't redo my work. I did the next best thing; I uploaded the class' school papers on yahoo briefcase. I should have done this two years ago. I bet I would have finish the class. Everything was in the briefcase. I went straight home. I jumped into the work. I did the papers again. It took me a while to figured what I went wrong. The papers look better now. I can print the papers in class, then he will grade them. I will go on to something else.

Today, I mostly did more poems. I was happy with all of them. Here is one...

Unhappy Home
By Kazz Falcon

I wasn’t happy living at home
My parents fought all the time
They blamed each other for everything
Neither of them shows me any attention
I was sad inside
I was a good kid
I wasn’t getting good grades
I thought it was my fault
I did something wrong
They claimed I was the root of the problem
I tend to believe that
If I was never born, they will be happier
I don’t know why I deserve the abuse
All kids wanted to be love by a parent
I was in a hateful environment
They never ever wanted me at all
I was a mistake they foolish made
I was paying for their mistake
Why me?
I was innocence
I didn’t have a choice to come into this world
I just happened
Presto, I was born 9 months later
They felt like they were forced into marriage
I was the blame for the fighting
That was my unhappy home

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