Thursday, September 9, 2004

The Apprentice


The second season premiere was pretty good. Once again, Donald Trump splits them into groups - men versus women. I didn't care about their team names. Last year's was much better. This time, Donald added a kewl twist - one of the opposite sex must be the TEAM LEADER for the other team this episode.

We may have another Omarosa on our hands! This one black chick, Stacie, went nutso in front of her team. Nobody was friendly with her. For crying out loud, most of them was eating lunch! Stacie wanted to know them a little better.

The mean white lady, Pamela, talked very bad about this kid's bad haircut in front of Mattel people. The kids was testing the new toys the teams made. Pamela was out of line big time. If I was a team leader, I will fire you on the spot! Jesus, now the kid will be PICK ON, thanx to her.

Also, I bet he will see a shrink later in his life.

Stacie and Pamela were in BAD taste on the first day on the job! Those two won't last. At the boardroom, Carolyn called Pamela on the insult! U go, Carolyn!

The women team won; they spent the evening with Donald and his girlfriend in his penthouse.

The losing team - the guys - lost one of their guys; Donald fired him!

Don't forget.........The Apprentice will be on ONE HOUR LATER at 9:30 PM/8:30 PM on NBC Thursdays after Joey and the season premiere of Will & Grace.

Any Survivor fans........the new season starts next Thursday at 8 PM/7 PM on CBS.

Enough rants about The Apprentice! Till the next time! LOL

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