Friday, September 3, 2004

9/3/04 Friday


Nothing big happen today. My phone was off. I didn't want anyone to bother me. I finally turned of the phone after 3 PM. I checked my message. There was an URGENT message from Marcelia. She wanted to know if I talk to Miguel lately. Well, the last time was last Friday after he got back home from Marcelia's on Crenshaw. He invited me to come over for supper. Nah, I passed. Any way, I called Marcelia on her cell phone. I think I called the wrong number. I called her place. Her daughter answered the phone. She gave me Marcelia's cell phone. Of course, I didn't call. I will call her at home tomorrow.

Mike called me to tell me the good news. They wanted his book. They was quite please with the beginning. He may come over Sunday to work on his book. I was happy for him. He was excited about the book. He mentioned he will try to help me with my book. I will hold it to him; they may not want mine anyway. Oh well. There are other publishers in the states. I was in no hurry to be published. Someday, it will happen with or without Mike's help.

I checked the posts in Fox forum. This one numbskull really believed I was raping people. Man, I will never do that. I was warning them about Mickey Finn. He was dangerous. The person chewed me out too. I pointed out that is could happen to ANYONE, even his own mother! Wait till he read that. He will be mad for "talking" about his mother that way. Who cares? I mean no harm with Mickey Finn.

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