Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Tracy Gold


Sep 14, 9:41 PM (ET)

MOORPARK, Calif. (AP) - Former "Growing Pains" actress Tracey Gold was arrested earlier this month after her sport utility vehicle flipped on a highway, injuring her husband and two of their three children, police said.

Tracey Gold Marshall, 35, was booked for investigation of felony drunken driving after the Sept. 3 crash, California Highway Patrol officer Steve Reid said Monday.

Marshall wasn't hurt, but her husband, Roby Marshall, 39, suffered neck injuries, the officer said. The couple's 7-year-old son suffered a broken collarbone and a 5-year-old son was cut, but their 4-month-old son wasn't hurt, Reid said.

The Marshalls' home telephone number was unlisted and the actress couldn't be reached for comment.

The SUV, with Marshall at the wheel, veered off the highway just before midnight and it rolled over on its way down an embankment, Reid said.

Officers suspected the actress was under the influence of alcohol and she was booked at the county jail. She posted $50,000 bail the following day and was released. A court date wasn't immediately available, the highway patrol said.

Gold played Carol Seaver during the seven-year run of "Growing Pains," which ended production in 1992.

I was shock by the news. I never thought she will do such a thing. I remembered seeing her on On Air With Ryan Seacrest few months ago. She was friendly and cheerful. She was waiting for her newborn baby. Kirk Cameron suprised her with present. I think they haven't see each other since the growing pains movie.

I learned on Entertainment Tonight that she wasn't charge yet. The police is investigating. Sadly, she ruined her son's life. She will have to live with the guilt for the rest of her life. She could have kill them.

It could have been lots worse. This new poem went further than her.

Irresponsible Parent
By Kazz Falcon

My husband drank too much at the restaurant
I didn’t want him to drive
We got in the car
We were on our way home
The young son fell asleep in the back seat
I tried my best to drive
It was pouring down rain
I couldn’t see straight
Sadly, I was all over the road
I accidentally jumped the curb
I ran into a tree
I was shocked
Our son was in lots of pain
I reached out for him
He couldn’t move
I wasn’t able to get to him
I forgot the husband was in the car
No, he wasn’t
He flew through the window
He didn’t had his seatbelt on
I cried for help
I checked his pulse
I killed my husband
Dear Lord! What have I done?
I heard the ambulance coming
The police showed up moments later
I told the police the truth
I was driving drunk in the rain
I thought I was able to drive
Look at the mess I made
My husband was dead
My son was cripple
I felt so ashamed of myself
I had to live with the guilt for the rest of my life
I was theblame
I should have know better
The alcohol clouded my judgment
I was an irresponsible parent

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