Thursday, September 23, 2004

9/23/04 Thursday


I went to the post office early in the morning. I had no mail at all. I figured I will have some. Last Saturday, I had lots of mail. I may start going twice a week. I think Wednesdays after computer class and my usual day, Saturday. I thought about going somewhere else like the book store. I changed my mind. I didn't ate any breakfest. I decided to get peanut butter at Smart & Final. I ran out last week. I took 304 Western/Santa Monica, then the bus to Smart & Final.
I got my things and walked to the bus stop. Few minutes later, 156 and 4 arrived. Lots of people caught bus 4. I ook 156 instead. Bus 4 passed up bus 156! YEAH! I won't have to wait for the bus for a long time. 156 dropped me off at Vermount/Santa Monica. Soon, I caught bus 4 home. Man, the bus was still crowed. I stood in front of the bus. My stop was coming up. I moved back to the bus. I got off the bus and went home.

Oh yeah, Karina held a workshop about resume. She came to my place and got me. I didn't want to go till Passions was over! Pilar was anxious to see her long lost daughter, Paloma. Sheridan looked for her, but she was with Alistair. Alistair was up to her old tricks. He mentioned that the family doesn't care for her. That's why Pilar sent her away to Mexico when she was a baby.
I went to the work shop. There was donuts and three of us, besides Karina. They mostly talked about the kitchen. This guy want to work in the kitchen and wanted to learn; he was a waiter long time ago. One cooking school cost $35,000. No thanx. It was too expensive. Besides, cooking is not my thing. I much preferred to work in the office. Ronald brought up the class at Path; he really like the class. We had a nice time at the workshop.

Karina mentioned she wanted to do an newsletter for the apartments. Stories, poems, pictures will be in it. The first newsletter meeting will be on Oct 6 at 1:30 PM. I will be there; it was something I was interest in. Karina dismissed the workshop. I took some donuts with me. I ate some at my desk. I emailed her some poems; she will choose some.

The rest of the day was average.............

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