Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Open Window

By Kazz Falcon

I love sleeping at night with an open window
The cold wind breezes through the house
It felt so comfortable
I always sleep like a baby
One night, I was sound asleep in bed
Someone entered the room
He got in bed with me
He put his hand on my leg
Finally, my husband was home from work
It was dark in the room
I could barely see his face
We begun kissing passionate
I noticed he was a little rough
I mentioned he was hurting me
He didn’t care at all
He wanted me right then and there
I couldn’t stop him
He was too strong for me
I was helpless
I screamed out loud
“Stop it! Stop it! Someone help me,” I yelled
My dear old husband wanted to rape me
He covered up my mouth
I was scared for my life
Out of the blue, someone broke down the door
They got into a fight
He escaped through the window
He turned on the light
I was dumbstruck
Dear Lord! My husband saved me from danger
I had no ideal it was someone else
I was safe once again
He looked around the bedroom
The window screen was missing
Crime invited itself through the open window

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