Saturday, September 18, 2004

9/18/04 Saturday


I woke up after 8 AM. I ate breakfast. I was online to check the emails and posts. I got a email noticed about an reply in a forum. I checked out it. I was shocked beyond belief. The stupid guy wants to BLACKLIST me from the forum. Everhope don't like my beliefs in God. I didn't do anything wrong at all. He has some nerves!

"I do not condemn you." - Everhope

He is a DAMN hypocrite for judging me!

"It is likely you will soon be removed from this forum." - Everhope

Everhope threatened to BAN me from the forum.

OKAY! I am done with the low life!

It was nice out this morning. It was cool and the sun wasn't out. I walked to 304 bus stop. I waited about 10 minutes. 2 and 4 Bus came. I was tempted to take 4, but I wanted to take 304. I caught the bus to the post office. Damn, I had lots of mail! two issue of Entertainment Weekly and SOD. Tony DiMera was on the new cover. It was a good read. Tony was the mastermind of the island and Marlena being a serial killer. I didn't read all of it. I waited for the bus. I read it on the bus thou. Tony wanted to give them the same hurt he recieved all those years ago. PAYBACK IS HELL!

I decided to go to The Grove. It was such a lovely day. I didn't want to go home. Last week, I mentioned I was tired of staying home all the time. This time, I was true to my word. I waited for the bus on Fairfax. The bus dropped me off at 3rd and fairfax. I walked through Farmer's Market to Barnes & Noble at the Grove. It was very nice. Lots of people out at the mall. Everyone was enjoying the warm weather. I went to the third floor and read a book. I was there for a few hours. Mike called me with some bad news. They won't publish his astrology book; they didn't understand the language. It was a big let down for him. He was looking forward to it. Someone else will publish his book. I took a walk around the Grove.

I headed to the bus stop. The bus just left. I caught the next bus a minute later. I got off at Sunset/Vermount. I waited for a while. I took the bus home. I saw Ken across the street. We waved at each other. I continue reading SOD. I looked back. Ken was going home with this black guy. Hmmm, a trick! You go, Ken! I opened the gate. I left the gate unlocked for Ken. I opened my door and put down my stuff. I looked at the time, 3:35 PM. Ken and him walked up the steps. I was hungry. I ate two burentos. I had some tang. I went online for a while. There was nothing on TV. I saw the black guy walked pass by door at 5:25 PM. He was on his way home. Well, Ken and him had some FUN!

to be continued.....

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