Sunday, September 12, 2004

9/12/04 Sunday


Nothing much happened. I thought I was going to the book store today. Instead, I was in the the mood to do some poems. I thought I was going to the book store today. I "worshiped" God in my own way; I did some poems, read the bible and did some research about religion. I learrned there was Another Book, besides Lamb's Book aka Book Of Life. Another Book was a fact book; God knows evertything about everyone. Here is a poem about Another Book.

Another Book
By Kazz Falcon

I recently died from a heart attack at age 27
I appeared in front of God
I feared for my life
I was a sinful creature
Yet, I couldn’t escape the hurtful truth
My life was recorded in his fact book
He knew everything about everyone
He knew my every pain, worry, fear and tears I had cried
What have I done?
I was a fool to pass up Jesus Christ
I could have invite him in my life
I rejected his love and saving grace
I was too busy living a sinful life
I was occupy in the world
Sometimes, the world turns a blind eye
I didn’t see the living truth
My fear became a reality
My name wasn’t in the book of life
I was cast into the lake of fire
I was doomed to eternal destruction
I was forever in perdition, thanks to another book

I did about 10 poems all day long. I was quite please. All the poems was quite good. I am gonna to wait to put them on the web site. Miguel FINALLY called me. He was mostly interest in his ID. Nope, it didn't came. That was it. Miguel didn't talk about the car accidnet last week. I was tempted to ask me. I was kinda upset. I didn't show it. Miguel mentioned he may pick up more clothes. I don't care about him. The sooner he picks up all clothes, the sooner he will be out of my life! Man, I can't wait. I was much better without him in my life.

Mike didn't show up or call me. Oh well. it was a good thing. If he came over, I bet I won't do all the poems I did today. That was my funfilled day.

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