Wednesday, September 29, 2004

True Calling

By Kazz Falcon

I was a small kid
I had a great desire to be a big star
Any kind of a star was fine by me
I loved to sing
I loved to act
I loved to be a performer
Everyone loves me
I loved the applauses from everyone
It made me to feel fabulous inside
As I got older, I lost interest in the biz
I lived that Hollywood life all my youth
It wasn’t that exciting any more
I was so jaded by it
Performing wasn’t in my heart any more
It wasn’t fulfilling to me
I wanted a normal life
I was pulled in another different direction
I found something else I love to do
The art gallery fascinated me
I saw so many paintings
I loved the beauty of them
I can do marvelous paintings
It was something different from acting
Where in acting, it was someone else’s world
I lived in their world of pictures
The paintings were my very own pictures
I created a brand new world for me
I saw life through something magical
The paintings made me alive again
I found my true calling

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