Friday, September 24, 2004

Dedicated to Lynndal1


I dedicated The Accused to Lynndal1.

Few weeks ago, I put Mickey Finn in the excite forums. Lynn really believed I drugged and raped people.

She was really pist off. She let me have it big time! Also, she believed I spread HIV to others.

HIV Revenge: "NO YOU didn't deserve what has happened to you nor does the poor damn person you give it to." - Lynn

NOTE: Writing about something DOESN'T mean I did it!

It was only my art! I was a talented artist!

I must give her credit; Lynn wasn't the only one. There were others.

This is Lynn's response to The Accused....

I already said i was sorry to you what does it take f@cking blood i am staying away from here so don't worry you won't have to put up with me anymore.Keep on writing write what ever the f@ck you want you are an artist with your own style nobody has the right to stop you.Now goodbye and don't send me anymore posts i won't be back here have a good life have a sh@ty life have any kind of f@cking life you want just have a life

Now, this was my response to Lynn.....

You don't have to leave. It won't be the same without you. Lots of people will miss u. I said my peace.

In closing, I was defending myself in The Accused!

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