Thursday, September 2, 2004

2 Sept 2004 Thursday


I wake up early.......this past few nights about this time (11:32 PM) I am getting tired and sleepy that I want to go to bed early. Soon, i need to wake up early for computer class on Wednesday. I have to crash soon starting tomorrow. It will do some good for the class.

Anyway, time for bed.

Okay, i am back to finish what i started last night.

Yesterday, I didn't pay the gas bill. The heat was getting too much for me. I just went home. I didn't want to put the gas bill off any longer. I noticed Ken was on his way out somewhere. I walked to the bus stop. Ken was still there. I ran across the street. Ken thought I was going to school. Nope, I was going to pay the gas bill. He wondered how come it was 10 cent. I paid in advance. He told me that his eletric bill is about $74. He runs the AC a lot, even at night. We chatted for a many things that I can't remember all of it.

Hmm, let's see. We talked about his two dogs. He mentioned that our neighbor gave him his dog. Man, I really hate that dog. One time, I walked upstairs to get my mail. I didn't make it thou. That MEAN dog bark, bark, bark and bark. So, I went back to my place. I don't want to deal with that dog. If the owner wasn't around, I will have KICK the dog or even kill the mutt! He had another dog for 12 years. It died last year or so. He rescued another dog at the shelter. His dog and the mean one gets along fagulous.

I told him that I want to move to Sunset/Western. I am tired of walking to Vons all the time. Food 4 Less was across the street from the new apartments. The post office was close by too. Ken mentioned that he just can't; there was no place near to walk his dogs. Besides, we lived by Echo Park. Also, our neighbor JC wants to move there too. He mentioned that the applications are ready. I will call Yolando about it. He wondered what apartment I have - an single. It was time for one bedroom apartment. Ken loves his place; he has a balcony. He invited me to come over to look at his place.

Our rents went up. Hey, we can't complain at all. It is still rent. Ken mentioned those apartments probably cost about $1,000 in rent. Thank God we have section 8. I wanted to talk to him about the CDs. He may know more about the CDs. We did have a "money" class about CDs. It made me interest of getting the CDs. It really makes sense for me. We got off the same stop. He went to his bank; I went to the gas company, $20.10. I caught the Dash to Vermount/Sunset. I took the subway to Western. I went to Food 4 Less for more Burrentos. I caught the bus.

Would u believe that Ken got on the bus at Sunset/Hollywood? I yelled out for him. He sat by me. We chatted. He mentioned Poineer Market closed down; an Walgreens will take it's place. He mostly get his meat there. I only get coke and the lettuce. I ask, "Have you ate?" Ken always eat breeakfast before he goes out. We got off the bus. I offered him an slurpee at 7/11. He turned me down; he don't like them. The drs told him he can't eat certain things. He have been HIV - for 12 years. He was on meds too. Some meds makes him skin itch....something like that. I told him that I was on meds for the first year. I stopped taking them; I hate taking them two times a day - day and night. Ken mentioned there is a new meds coming out soon. I am HIV - over 8 years.

We parted our ways to our own apartments. I put away the food. I did my usually daily activies - online and soaps.

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