Saturday, September 11, 2004

9/11/04 Saturday


Nothing big nor exciting happen today, not even an terrorist attack! I woke up about 8:30 AM. I went online for a while. I better get a move on. It was getting hot outside. I got dressed and left after 9. Damn, I missed the 304. I saw it pass by. It will be a while for 304. I was tempted to take the next bus. Nah, I can wait a little longer. Then again, the heat was getting to me. Oh well, I toughed it out! Buses 2 and 4 came right together.

304 finally came. Ahhhh, the bus was cool. I picked up my mail; SOD, Entertainment Weekly and the phone bill. I went to the bus stop, reading SOD. I didn't want to go home. I was tired of going home and doing nothing. The day was still young. From now on, I will stay out all day when I go out. Once again, I went straight home. I didn't eat any breakfast. I didn't feel like eating this morning.

10:50 AM, I got home. Hmm, the bible cartoon was coming on at 11 AM. I haven't watch that show in a while. Instead, I changed my mind. I saw all the episode more than one time. I was tired of watching reruns. I got some meat from the frig. I put it in the sink to thaw. I can cook for Mike; steak and green beans. Last time, Mike didn't show up either. I made him steak and mashed potatos. Few hours later, there was no sign of Mike. He mentioned he will be here at 3 PM. So far, no Mike.

More hours passed, I called Mike. He just got out of the shower and ran to answer my phone. He mentioned he couldn't sleep last night; he was too busy writing. He wasn't coming over. He was at the library all day for research. Oh well, I won't have to cook for him. He may come over tomorrow. He thought I was mad. I was about to put the meat back in the frig. Nah, I still can eat it for supper. I cooked the steak in the boiler. I made some green beans too. The steak was fagulous. It was juicy in every bite.

That was about the day I had. Of course, I did some art too. Here is one....

Secret Code
By Kazz Falcon

The secret code saved my life
Last week, I walked home from school
Of course, I was alone
My parents couldn’t pick me up
They were working at that time
I was minding my own business
This one guy drove up beside me
I didn’t pay any attention to him
He kept on trying to get my attention
He mentioned he was lost
I explained an adult can help him
He fed me another line
“Have you seen my lost dog?”
I wouldn’t answer him
He confessed that my parents told him to pick me up
I still didn’t trust him
I know better than that
I asked, “What’s the code?”
He was dumbstruck
He claimed there wasn’t time for the code
He opened up the passenger’s door
I screamed very loud
He saw someone running up
He zoomed off in his car
I explained to the stranger that he was up to no good
He called the police on his cell phone
The police arrived for the statement
I told them the same story
They asked the stranger some questions
Thankfully, he gave them his license plate
The police took me straight home
The police was glad I had a secret code

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