Friday, September 10, 2004

9/10/04 Friday


Today was the worst day of my life. The heat is getting to me very badly. I woke up this morning. I was thisclose of throwing up. I didn't thou! This past week have been too hot. I was thinking about skipping school today. I wasn't feeling it. Damn the heat. I tired to go back to sleep, but couldn't. So, I took an shower to cool me off. Somewhat, the shower was a little better for me.

I went online for a while. Yet, I was feeling bad. The fan was on me till I went to class. I checked the posts and such. I had no breakfast. I know I will threw up from all the heat. I won't go to class early at all. I will arrive late. I will leave between 8 to 8:30 AM. I will still be tired if I leave about 7 AM. I won't last in the computer class.

I arrived about 8:20. I got the stuff and sit in the other room. For an hour or so, I didn't do anything. I didn't want to deal with it. I checked the Tv Guide about the latest soap news and the entertainment news. I felt renewed. I tackled the work. After 11 AM, I was ready for the test again. Last time, I flunked big time; the teacher mentioned I need to do the lesson again! Today, I didn't want to do the lesson again. I wanted to be lazy today.

Anyway, I was feeling good about the test. Of course, I cheated! Shhh. Don't tell the teacher. I made an 80; I missed two on a 10 questions test. Sometimes, we have to heat to get ahead in life. It's time to leave. I pondered about the post office. I changed my mind and went home; the CBS soaps wasn't on either. I was anxious to see All My Children! Babe was ready to give the baby back to Bianca! It was about time!

Bianca thought her baby died few months ago. Reality, Paul Cramer stole Babe's baby and give Bianca's baby to Babe. Paul's sister needed a baby to save her marriage to Kevin; Kelly miscarriege her baby and asked Paul for help at any ost. Kelly was desparate to get a baby. Babe couldn't handle telling Bianca the truth and ran away. She talked to a pastor; she wanted a sign from God. She didn't know where she was going; the sign was knocked down. She landed in Llandview where her own baby was living with Kevin!

Last week, Kevin and Kelly went to court for the sole custody of Ace. Tico helped Kevin with the court case; Kevin won Ace. Kelly was heartbroken. Any way, Babe saw Kevin with Ace at the restuarant. Kevin didn't know how to calm down the baby. Babe offered to take care of the baby. She felt an connection to Ace. She wondered if Kevin was ever out of town with the baby. Ace wasn't never out of town, except with Kelly in Boston. I think it was Boston. I forgot! At the end of OLTL, Paul showed up at the same restaurant and saw Kevin and Babe talking!

I taped OLTL and watched Days Of Our Lives. John and Bo tried to get through the forcefield. Bo ran into it and flew back few feets to the ground. Everyone was worried. Bo survived. At the end, Roman, Marlena, Abe, Jenn, Tony and the baby showed up at the forcefield. They was so happy to see each other. Bo wondered where his wife was; Hope and Patrick was looking for Jack, who was missing after a few weeks.

Mike called me this evening. I talked to an Clubkid, Kackle, online. He wasn't home when I call him on the way home; he was doing research at the library. He will come over to do a chapter tomorrow. Mike asked, "Is there something wrong?" I didn't say at all. Few minutes later, Mike called me again. He mentioned he knew there was something wrong; u know, my vioce. He knows me like a book. I admitted I was tired of doing nothing. Life wasn't that grand for me. Trust me. My life wasn't all that. He promised he will help me to get my book published. I truly felt like I was on the way to last goodbyes.

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