Wednesday, September 1, 2004

1 Sept 2004 Wednesday


I have to make this short. I am very tired. I am about to fall asleep at any moment. I haven't done Tuesday yet. I will do it tomorrow if I remember!

I will never ever go out late on a very hot day. Man, it was so hot that I sweated everywhere! I took a quick shower. I heard some people talking outside. I opened the door. It was some friends and that damn cable guy. Ron asked, "Do You want cable?" I quickly said, "NO!" There was no sense of dealing with the cable guy; he is a thief! Besides, there was no sense of getting cable; i will be moving soon to Western/Sunset! Yes, I will FINALLY have one bedroom apartment!

I left after 10:45 AM. I walked to 304 bus. It took me to the post office, I got my mail. I took the new Rapid bus to Beverly Center. I didn't went to the mall. I didn't have time for the mall or anything else. I took care of some errands. I caught the Dash bus to Hollywood/Highland. I took the subway to Hollywood/Vine. I walked to the bank. I put the check in the account.

Then I walked in the hot sun to the DWP. I paid the bill. I walked up to Hollywood Blvd by The Gay Center. I waited for the bus. I was extremely hot. I was sweating like a pig. It was that hot to walk. I changed my mind about the gas bill. I can pay online.........ooohhhh, 10 cent! hehe. The bus took me to Hollywood/Vine. I caught the subway to Santa Monica. I took the bus to Lucy. I got a money order for rent.

I went to 7/11 for a slurpee to cool me off. I went home and paid the rent. I turned on the A/C for a while. I noticed it was 1:30. Hmm, Days Of Our Lives was still on. I decided to watch it after I sworn I will never watch Days again! Days is like Passions now; it was too SLOW! Bo got on Kat'e case for not loving Roman. Hello, her husband is DEAD! Bo told John and Kate that Roman and Marlena are ALIVE! Kate can't believed it.

John was still not convinced. Bo and John went to the police station. John listened to the secret code. Tek came along to help out. Abe was talking to Marlane about the dirty deed. Not the serial murders that she done in Salem! Roman and Marlena had sex! My God! They are not even married! Roman is married to Kate and John was married to Marlena. Marlena told Abe that things will never be the same forthem; John may not want herback.

Lucas showed up to see his mother, Kate. Kate assumed that Sami hurt him again. She threatened to kill her! Well, Sami talked to her ex husband on the phone; it looks like that they still love each other. I don't think that Sami told Brandon about her engagement to Lucas. That's why Lucas went to see Kate. That's all I can remember about Days.

I did my daily routine at home. You know....the same old crap! Online, checked the posts and such. Deal Lord! This is a pretty long entry! Oops! I thought it will be short. As I type, I can't go on at all. I was about ready to pass out! HELP ME!

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