Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Controversial Poet

By Kazz Falcon

My poems brought out the anger in some people
They hated the poems very much
They really despised me a lot
They wanted to scratch my eyes out
They believed I could do such a thing
Murder, drugging, rape, prostitute, and other awful things
I wasn’t that kind of a person
I was a sweet, friendly, nice, loving, peaceful person
I wasn’t a sick person like some people claimed
They wondered if I had any morals
Yes, I had good morals I lived by every day
Writing about something does not mean I did it
Nor I had the desire to do those awful things
I don’t go out and kill people
I had no reason to
I let bygones by bygones
They were hostile toward me
I had to expect that
But I won’t back down from them
They way I see it, they don’t like the world we lived in
Death, gangs, murder, war and etc
Therefore, they lashed out at me
Not all poems they will love
That was fine by me
I was portraying REAL LIFE in my poems
They don’t like what they see in the world
Who doesn’t?
There were bad things in the media, movies, TV and real life
Some people praised TV shows and movies for being REAL
Yet, they criticized me for being too real
It wasn’t fair to me at all
I felt like I was Jesus Christ
They crucified me on the cross
Jesus represents the truth, just like me
My truth was the reality we lived in
They can’t complain about my poems
Now, you know what I was really about
I wasn't ashamed of my poems
I had no reason to feel guilty about
I said my peace
I was a somewhat controversial poet

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