Tuesday, September 7, 2004

Drug Baby

By Kazz Falcon

Hello, I was the worst mother ever
My doctor told me to stop using drugs - NEVER!
My baby would be just fine
The drugs wouldn’t effect the baby in anyway
He warned me that the baby would be in grave danger - NO WAY!
Besides, I could stop anytime
He mentioned it ought to be a crime
Yeah, right!
He figured I wasn’t that bright
I just didn’t care
He tired his best to give me a scare
I cried out loud, I went into labor
It went over a day
I wasn’t that gay
The birth hurts like hell
I gave birth to a baby boy
Something was immediately wrong
Anything but that I feared
Nothing was further from the truth
I was ashamed of myself
I didn’t see my baby soon after the birth
I felt so much guilt in my life
I couldn’t believe it
The guilt was so strong
I never went to see the drug baby

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