Friday, October 1, 2004


By Kazz Falcon

I had too much time on my hands
I get bored so easily
I want to do nothing at all
I became so lazy
It was a bad habit
The money made me that way
I don’t have any goals
I lost interest in life
I had nothing to look forward to
Man, my life was so boring
I must do something
But what?
I wasn’t that actively production
I was on SSI for a long time
Maybe, I should do art again
Or, perhaps, some kind of class
It was a good way to start
Perhaps, something bigger will come along
If I don’t set any goals, I wasn’t living
I was dead to the world
Sadly, I was left behind
I need something to shoot for
That was the first goal to set for myself
Goals keeps us ALIVE
It was time to get off my lazy ass
I will do something with my life
I focused on the goals

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