Saturday, October 2, 2004

John Doe

By Kazz Falcon

Who was you?
Where did you come from?
There were no clues about you
No one show up to claim you
You were forgotten
You made a lasting impression on me
The bullet killed you instantly
It damaged your brain very badly
I wondered who did this to you
Was you in trouble?
Who want you to be murder?
It was my job to find out
I gathered up the clues
The bullet was the first clue
I looked in the newspapers
So far, there was no mention of the crime
I searched on the web
I came up with nothing
Something dawned on me
Perhaps, you committed suicide
Some kids saw you floating in the water
The police located a car nearby
We found your fingerprints on the car
There wasn’t a suicide note
The gun was missing
Did someone kill you?
Did you kill yourself?
What was the real story?
Life couldn’t be that bad
I won’t rest till I find out who you was
You must be someone else, besides John Doe

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