Monday, October 4, 2004

The Police Raid

By Kazz Falcon

I was a mastermind criminal
I was one of the best out there
The police never caught me until now
I thought I was being smart and careful
I always covered up the crimes
I didn’t leave a trail of clues
Yet, I was being so cocky
I posted my misdeeds on the web at the local libraries
I didn’t want the posts trace back on my computer
I was always one stop ahead of the police
Nobody suspected a thing at the library
I wore disguises to cover up my real identify
The public was intrigue by me
I had a huge following of fans
Some was pretty amazed
The police wasn’t even impressed
My face appeared on America’s Most Wanted
I continued to avoid the police like the plague
I was so sure of not being caught
Man, I was foolishly wrong
I used the computer out in the open
Someone was in my favourite spot – the dark corner
I won’t be at the library that long
I figured I had enough time
I was so deep in thought with the web journal
I lost track of time
The last heist was absolutely fabulous
I considered it to be one of my personal best
The police closed in
It was too late to do anything
I wasn’t ready for the police raid

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Too true-life has a tendance to speed up like that-I hope you are ok. So were you a club kid? I heard the LA scene was pretty fabulous. Michael Alig is fantastic-I see you think the same-write me if you would like to speack of cabbages & club kings. Be fabulous! nico

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