Sunday, October 3, 2004

Lady Bluebeard

By Kazz Falcon

I purchased a farm near town
The late husband was crushed by heavy equipment
I pocketed another $4,000 in insurance money
Much like my first husband – $8,500
He died from a heart attack
His family cried fowl play
I collected the insurance policy one day after the funeral
I placed a personal ad in the newspaper
I wanted a financially secure man to marry
Few men answered the ad
One by one, they came to live with me
Instead, I killed them for their savings
Their relatives haven’t heard from them in a long time
They wrote to me about them
I mentioned I never saw them
Even the neighbors was nosy
They wondered what happened to my kid
I sent her off to boarding school in Los Angeles
As soon a man came, he soon disappeared
His sons wrote to me
I explained he never show up
Another man deposited his savings in a account
Things was starting to unravel
For the money, I was a bloodthirsty farmer

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