Tuesday, October 5, 2004

10/5/04 Tuesday


Miguel called me during Y&R. I mentioned I knew he will call me today. We both said sorry about yesterday. It was a big misunderstanding about Highland and Vine. He wondered if I eat lunch yet. Nope, he wanted to meet somewhere for lunch. I told him I can cook for us. He likes that ideal better. I wanted to cook steak, but I changed my mind. He want to eat the moment he gets there. So, I made Tuna Helper during Days Of Our Lives.

I thought Miguel will call after he take an shower, then he will come over. it was two hours later, he called me from Lucy's during my lunch. YEs, I didn't wait for him to eat. Hey, I was hungry! I watched Ellen. He wanted to eat at the mexican restaurant at the corner. I explained I already cooked for us. He offered to buy some coke at 7/11; he will meet me at my place. I decided to suprised him at 7/11. Ron was leaving too. We walked down together. I saw Miguel crossed the street. He was suprised to see me. We went in 7/11. HE brought a slurpee and Dr. Pepper.

We walked back to my place. The women from King Of Queens was on Ellen. HE doesn't remember what show she was on. I played with him, she was on Saved By The Bell. HE gave me a funny look. I told him that she was on his favourite show, King Of Queens. I fixed him a plate of Tuna Helper. I moved the table to the livingroom. We ate together. We watched Ellen; Ellen was taking care of the baby and did the house chores as she took a day off being lazy around the house. LOL. He didn't ate too much. HE was upset about something; he still want to be lovers. he can't stand being apart from me. I mentioned I have a boyfriend and he needs to fix his life. He started to cry. He wanted to go home. I convinced him to stay. We will always be friends. We hugged each other. He took a nap. I finished my plate.

It was getting too hot for us. I turned on the fan. A while later, he needed help to take off his clothes. he wanted sex, but i declined at first. we ended up having sex. he took an shower. i took one after him. i was in the restroom; he got dressed. he mentioned he wanted to leave. I told him he can leave without me. I finally came out of the restroom. He asked, "do u want to walk with me to the bus stop?" I didn't want to. I just want to stay home. Instead, i went with him to Alvarado. We got something about the store. He was kind enough to give me some money. 304 picked him up. I walked home with the water bottle. Miguel promised to call me when he gets home, but he forgot.

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