Wednesday, October 6, 2004

10/6/04 Wed


6 AM, i woke up. For some reason, the water wasn't working right; it came out very slowly. Damn, I have to take a shower. I need one before I go to school. I took a sponge bath for 5 minutes. I got dressed. I ate Cocoa Pebbles and two bananas. I had a cup of milk. I opened the door. I heard someone talking outside. I went outside. I saw Chuck and the lady with the kid talking. he went in the office. She said good morning to him. I ask Chuck about the water. He looked into it. Few mintues later, chuck mentioned he fix the water. I closed the door. This time, I took a REAL shower. I got dressed.

Before 8 AM, Miguel called me. He sorry he didn't call me when he got home last night. He needs to see his doctors this friday and get some papers for Medical. He talked for the longest time. he told me about his ordeal about his hospital visit. He don't want his sister in law to take him to the doctors this friday. the last time was hell. they waited for the doctors all day long. Even it took him about two hours for his medication, but he didn't pick them up. It was getting later. He got them the next day. He was still on the phone, I brushed my teeth, got ready for school and walked to the bus stop. He finally said goodbye after 12 minutes.

Class was fun; I had a blast with powerpoint. I gave the teacher my work. He explained he needed the outlines too. I printed them out and gave him them. I did great with the work. He gave me the test. I got an 80 on the test. I started the next chapter. I saw a Star in my eyes. I sent an email. After class, I want to Sprint PCS in downtown. I paid my bill. I went home. I watched my soaps. I finished off Tuna Helper. Last 15 mintues of Days, Karina came by for the Newsletter meeting. I completely forgot about it. It was good I didn't went to the post office after class.

There was a good crowd for the meeting. I noticed there were some Good Times tapes on the book shelf. I took FIVE tape with me to my seat. Man, I haven't watch that show forever. Mike called me; he wanted to come over for Oprah and email. I explained I was in the meeting. We chatted in the meeting for a while. Mike called me again; he was on his way. the meeting went smoothly. An hour later, i waited for Mike. I signed off the web. He finally showed up after 3 PM. he climbed the fence. I told him he could have buzz.

I gave Mike the bad news that an astrologer died. I mentioned she did the readings for Nanacy Reagan. He thought I talked about someone else. I was suprised that he didn't know she died. Mike always keep up with it. He finally found the news of her death. he was sad. he checked his mail. I finished watching the soaps on tape. I saw Good Times on tape too. It was good to see that wonderful black show again! I missed that show. I ate an salad. I offered him to eat. Mike wasn't hungry. Later he ate a salad with Tuna! He mentioned he will bring some Tuna the next time. I called him a LIAR!! He always promised that. He claimed he will prove me wrong! Yeah, right! Mike went home at 8 PM.

I watched the last episode of Good Times. Damn, I shed a tear. I believed it was my first time to watch it. Keith/Thelma's one year Anniversary was full of suprises; great ending for Good Times. Her husband got a new football contract with the Chicago Bear as a free agent. JJ finally made it big with his art; his super hero comic strip was a smash! His first paid advance was tickets for the newlyweds. Thelma spilled the beans - she was preggie! Everyone was happy. Willona got a job promoted and moving to the same neighborhood as Thelma/Keith. Florida was moving to help her with the her new grandkid. Michael was off to College. And the GOOD TIMES continued.

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