Monday, October 4, 2004

10/4/04 Monday


I arrived at class. Wow! We had a full house. I used the computers on the other side. I noticed some "Don't Use" signs on the computers. I didn't use them. I used one against the wall. I mentioned to the teacher that I was on the other side. He told me that I can use the "Don't Use" computers. It was for the computer class. I started Powerpoint in class. It was easy to learn. I had fun doing it. I like it better than Excel. I finished Excell last friday. I was glad I was done with it.

Miguel called me from Hollywood/Vine after 10 AM. I ran outside to talk to him on the phone. He wondered what I was doing. I was in class till Noon. He offered to buy me lunch. He asked, "What places are close by?" I said, "We can eat at Denny's." He remembered it was by the highway. He will call me when he get there. An hour passed, I haven't heard anything from him. I left class five till Noon. I caught the bus to Vermount/Beverly. I wondered what happened. He should be here by now. He had an hour head start. There was still no signs of him. I sat down at the bus stop. He called me from Hollywood/Viine, "Sorry, I ran into an old friend. We chatted for a while."

I told him that I was at Beverly/Vine. He still wanted to buy me lunch. Somehow, we got our wires crossed. I was going down the elevator. I told him I was going to Highland. He mentioned he has a black shirt on. I waited for the subway. I took the train to Highland. I went straight up and looked for him. I couldn't believed it. Miguel was nowhere to be found. He should be there before I got there. Hell, no! It was only one stop from Vine for him. Somehow, I beat him there. I got tired of waiting and I caught the subway.

Maybe, he was at Vine. I went upstairs. Well, I missed him there too. I waited for a while. I wondered what happened. i got on the Dash bus. Oops, it was the wrong one. It was heading to Wilshire. I caught 217 to Vermount/Sunset. Miguel called me again, this time from Hollywood/Highland. I told him I waited for him there over 15 minutes. All this time, he was at Vine. I got upset with him. I thought we supposed to meet at Highland. I got off the bus at Western; I was this close of going back to Highland. I mentioned I was mad at him. At the last minute, I changed my mind. I got on the same bus. I gotfed up with him. I told him that I was going home. I didn't want to have lunch with him. I was way too angry with him. It was best that I go home. He promised to call me later. He will get something to eat to take home with him.

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