Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Chris' Clothes


In a previous post, I mentioned I cut up all his clothes. It's too bad I didn't take any pictures! I wished I did.

I left home after 10:30 AM with his cut up clothes. I waited for the bus. I took 4 to the Civic Center. I crossed the street to the subway entrance. I found a trash can near some seats. I put the bag on the seat. I unzipped the bag. I took his plastic bag out of my bag. I dumped his clothes in the trash can. Then, I caught the subway to Santa Monica/Vermont. I saw 304 right away. I caught the bus to Alavardo, then I got home before noon. I turned on the TV for Y&R. I laid down on the couch and watched the soap.

The next step - I will leave a letter on the door for him. Once he get the letter, he have to leave the property immediately! Hopefully, I will never see his sorry ass again.

This is the letter.........

Dear Chris Bobadilla

Once you get the letter, you have to leave the property immediately!

You will never get your clothes because Edward Scissorhands says so!

I want you to stay out of my life FOREVER.

I never ever want to see you again.

I don’t want you to come to my place either.

You are no longer welcome to my place.

You didn’t show me any RESPECT.

Respect goes a long way.

I washed my hands CLEAN OF YOU!

Please stay out of my life FOREVER!

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