Wednesday, July 6, 2005

July 6

After 2 PM, I smoked during Cosby. Ken came down with his dogs to walk them. He mentioned that Chris was there for two hours, waiting for me last night. Ken told Chris that the police could settle the mess; he wants his clothes back. Also, Ken called the police; Chris wasn’t invited at my place last night. Chris left the property. Ken mentioned that Chris was around for two days. I went in and ate a salad.

4 PM – The phone rang. I peaked through the door. Man, oh man, it was Chris. I quickly turned off the TV. I don’t want any noise in my place. He will think I wasn’t home. I peaked through the window with him. Now, two of his friends were with him – a female and a male. I was scared for my life. I wasn’t safe at all. He brought a gang with him. Chris left a message on the phone, “Where’s my clothes?” I patiently waited for him to leave. Few minutes later, they drove off.

I waited till 5:20 PM for a smoke break. I heard some voices in the street. It was Ken and his friend. I sat down on the stairs. Ken walked up. He asked, “Have your friend show up?” I said, “Yes. I didn’t talk to him. He was with his two of his friends.” Ken mentioned I better watch out for him. I said, “Thanks.” Ken and his friend went to his place. I continued to smoke. I finished smoking and went inside.

I still have his red cap. I forgotten to cut it up yesterday. I took it to the dumpster. I went back inside.

I checked his messages on be continued in the next post.

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