Wednesday, July 20, 2005


This morning, I picked up my mail at the post office. I finally got SOD magazine. They haven't sent the other issues I missed. I took the rapid bus to Beverly Center. I went across the street to Beverly Connection. I went up to the movies. I noticed the movies was closed. Man, I realized I was at the wrong theater. I went inside some store. I asked a black worker about the theater. He mentioned it was closed for a long time.

I went to Beverly Center. I was one hour earlier. I read SOD magazine to kill some time. 15 till, the theater was opened. I got one ticket for Star Wars Episode 3 Revenge Of The Sith. It was, by far, the best prequel movie ever. The other movies sucks.

I got hungry. I haven't eat lunch. I went to Ralphs for a while. They didn't have anything at all; no special on candy. I looked around the drug store; no candy either. I waited to eat when I get home. I took 105 to Santa Monica, then I took 105 home. I noticed that Ronald was still waiting for the bus this morning! LOL. I crossed the street and told him that! He mentioned he was already went home and take a nap. He showed me the Jury letter. Boy, he didn't want to serve the jury, but who does? I sure don't.

I went home and eat a pot pie. I watched One Life To Live on tape. We learned one of the Killing Club killers - it was Marcia's book agent! There wasn't a real surprise. Everyone knew that he was a killer for the longest. It was writing on the wall. The twist is.......there are two killers. I didn't see that one coming. John figured there was two last week or so. I guessed tomorrow, we will find out who is the other killer.

That was the funfilled day. I supposed to have sex with this guy in the evening. I was too tired from my day. Oh well.

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