Saturday, July 23, 2005

Best Buy

Early this morning, I went to the post office....I finally got my SOD magazine - two of them! I looked at the watch, 8:30 AM I didn't want to go home. It was too early to go home and call my friends. . I stayed at the bus stop for an hour. I called Brian/Peter on the phone. I left a message on the machine.

15 minutes later, Peter called me. He wondered if I want to join them for breakfest at Carl's. You betcha! I didn't eat breakfast yet. I just got dressed and left quickly before the heat hits us. I mentioned I already picked up my mail; I was on my way to Carl's.

I got off bus 4. I went to Carl's. There was no Peter and Brian. I was the first one to arrived. I waited outside. Shortly, Peter arrived; Brian forget his Best Buy card. We went inside and ordered food. We sat by the window. Here's comes Brian. We ate breakfast.

They wanted to go to Best Buy first. That was a bad ideal. We will be at Best Buy for a long time. Instead, we went to Target. We couldn't find the bald stuff for my hair. Brian mentioned we can go to next door; they may have the stuff. They brought some things. I mentioned I need a new vacuum cleaner. Brian and I looked at them; nothing excites me. They didn't have the brand I want.

We went to Best Buy. I looked at the movies/TV. So much, I wanted some tv shows. None of them was on sale. Therefore, I got some movies - Planet Of The Apes, The Bad News Bears and Pirates Of The Carribean. I haven't watch Planet Of The Apes in ages. Peter got him a cell phone cover.

We went to the beauty shop upstairs. We asked for the bald stuff. The lady worker took us to the section. There was some hair remover for the women, not the guys. We looked at the perfumes. I noticed a new one called Obsession Night by Calvin Klien. I tried some one. EIW! I didn't like it. I loved the original better.

We found Peter outside, sitting on the beach. Peter was trying the cell phone cover. Oops, it was too small. We went back to Best Buy. Brian and I waited for him in line. A while passed, we looked for Peter. He was still looking. Brian mentioned the vacuum cleaner is by the wall. I checked them out. I came upon my brand, the Dirt Devil! It was on sale. I went back to them; I missed them. They were already in line. I told me that I found one I like. Peter exchanged the covers. We checked the vacuum cleaner. Brian mentioned I should get it; today was the last day of the sale. I grabbed one. We went to the checkout counter.

They want to go to Jambo Juice and Circuit City. I wanted to, but the vacuum cleaner was too much to carry around everywhere. I took bus 304. I didn't want to take 304 all the way to Alavardo. The vacuum cleaner was too much for the long walk. I got off at Silverlake and took bus 2 home! I just went home, turned on the fan and watched The Planet Of The Apes movies, except the last one. It was getting late. I went to sleep.

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