Friday, July 1, 2005



Chris, Chris........what a damn liar! Yesterday, he claimed he got himself a job at a car auction. Work started at 7 AM this morining. It is now 8:50 AM and Chris is still snoring! It's not my responsible to get him up.

Hmm, where to begin with Chris?

Let's starts with yesterday. I was online. Chris unexpectedly showed up after 5 PM. I was quite surpised to see him. I haven't see him in a few days since Monday. He had a bag with him. He still haven't found a place to live.

I met Chris on Saturday. I just got back from Vons after 5; I brought some fags and a angel food cake. He dailed up for his friend at Waterloo. His friend wasn't home. So, he invited himself to my place and my life. Really, I don't want to do with strangers.

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