Friday, July 1, 2005

Sick Of Chris

I am officially sick of Chris Bobadilla. He got to go TOMORROW!

He is eating all my food without asking. I wanted the door open, he ALWAYS closed the door.

Since I know him over a week, I can't stand him any longer.

I don't have any more patience with him.

He is making a mess of my place. He don't clean up himself; I mean the sink. He left uneaten food in the sink. He leave it there till I clean it up.

No friends shouldn't be like that.

He is not respecting me or my place.

I am getting pist off big time.

Sometimes, we need to get angry. He is running me over big time.

I want it to STOP right now.

I will send him on his way tomorrow.

Top it all, I am too damn kind for my own good. I will put my foot down.

I wished I was Red from That 70's Show. I will put my foot up his ass!

My friends have NEVER treated me that way before.

Chris is not a TRUE friend.

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