Friday, July 22, 2005

My Defense


I posted a response on Craig's List....

Reply to:
Date: 2005-07-28, 8:03AM PDT

Why are you doing BAREBACK while complaining about AIDS?

That means one thing - u are a damn hypocrite!

Bareback sex is encouraging the spread of AIDS and other STDs whether we are negative or not.

You are the blame too!

PLEASE......PRETTY PLEASE......Practice what u preach.

At least, I am MAN ENOUGH to put HIV in the subject line!

Now, my response to his TWO posts.....

because it's like this guy who post HIV sex 35 that keeps AIDS alive in the world.

that is the most dumb thing I ever hear!

He ACCUSED me of keeping AIDS alive.

What about the OTHER people who have bareback sex too?

I was being honest with my HIV status in the post.

Honesty goes a long way.

I am leting everyone know watch out for the White male who is ashmed who he is.

Another dumb statement.

He hardly knows me........he is JUDGING me and ATTACKING me!

I am not ashamed of myself. I am proud to be HIV +.

At least, I am not HIDING my HIV status!

I cannot belive there are people like this that exist in the world and think so nasty

he is getting dumber by the minute!

How can it be nasty that I posted my HIV status on the web?

My life is a open book.

I have nothing to hide.

I think CG SHOULD ban people who post such nasty and trashy things on men seeking men THERE had to be some type of ban

I think they should BAN him from the web for PERSONAL ATTACKING ME!

that was pretty low of him.

My post wasn't even that nasty.

This guy would not post a face pic of himself.

Dumb, dumb, dumb.

I don't have to post a face pic.

There are HATRED like him that will ATTACK me.

He didn't post a face pic either.

He shouldn't complain about the damn pic.

He needs to PRACTICE what he preach!

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