Tuesday, July 5, 2005

July 5


I woke up after 7 AM. I heard some racket in the kitchen. I heard that he was fixing himself a burrito for breakfast. Right then and there, I made up my mind. He got to go NOW! I promised myself that once he was awake, we will leave. I went out for a quick smoke with connect 4. I finished my fag and noticed that Chris was under the covers on the couch. Forget breakfast, I brushed my teeth and got dressed. I mentioned I have things to do. Chris said, "I'm sleepy." Well, that wasn't my freaking fault! I told Chris to get up. He said, "five more minutes." Fine! That will be the last favor I ever do for that lowlife.

I looked at the clock. It was 5 till 8. I decided to finished my journal entry from last night, then I went to this entry before I forget something about today! LOL. It is NOW 8:42 AM. Since the entry is finished, it is time to wake up Chris. I gave him more than five minutes to rest up. I gave him 50 more minutes. See that, I was too damn kind for my own good!

We left after 9 AM. He didn't want to get up at all. I don't give a damn about him. He asked about the plans again. I mentioned I need to pay some bills and do some other things. We left my place. He wondered how tall I was, 6'. He was 5'8. I hardly speak to him walking. I just want to get rid of him FOREVER! He was a lowlife son of a bitch! I sat at the bus stop. He mentioned that he will be seeing me later. Well, wait till he get a BIG surprise from me - an bomb! It will explode up on his face, then I won't see his ugly face again! LOL.

Really, the bomb is very exploded. I thought about the bomb last night. It will be my REVENGE against him! All I need was a pair of scissors for some slashing! Hmm, I got chills thinking about that! I felt like Jason and Freddie all roll up in one.

I waited till I can't see him any more, then I went straight home to set off the bomb! I dumped all his clothes on the floor. I went through his pants pockets. I found his ALIEN ID. I set the bomb in motion. I cut up all his clothes and put them back in the bag. How sweet the revenge was! Now, he has nothing at all, nothing at all.

The next step - take his ruined clothes to a trash can somewhere far away from my place. I thought about going to Downtown LA; I don't think he will ever go down there to look for his clothes. Then again, I won't tell him what I did at all. He deserves no pity from me. I was all set ready to go. Why not? Downtown was a perfect place for his clothes. After all, skid row was there. Chris belongs in skid row, not my place!


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