Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Chris' Letter


The latest...

I watched Entertainment Tonight Celebrity Weddings Unveiled. Nikki from Y&R, my favourite soap, remarried her hubby of 20 years. Melody looked drop dead gorgous in her wedding grown. Her husband wasn't that all bad.

Wouldn't you know it? Chris showed up during the TV special. I was eating supper, an pot pie. I heard the letter ripped from the door. About 20 minutes, Chris went back and forth to the door and the window, trying his best to get my attention. I pay no mind to him. I didn't want to do anything with that lowlife any more. I just wanted to see Melody's wedding.

By now, I believed, Chris is gone for now! I bet Chris will show up again. I might as well stay in tomorrow. I don't want to see him ever again.

If Chris does show up, I will call the police for trespassing. I lived on private property. I am glad that Chuck, the apartment manager, put up the "Do Not Enter" sign last month!

Good night. Sweet dreams!

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