Saturday, July 9, 2005

Michael Crouch


This early morning, Michael Crouch called me about his problems at his apartment building. His downstair neighbors played the music loud all the time. He told his "two faced" manager about it. She won't do anything about it. The two faced was Mike's exact words, not mine. He even let her to hear the noice from his place. When he is LOUD, the neighbors complained about him. The manager told him to keep it down.

He don't like the mexicans any more. He thinks that they are ganging up on him in the building. He wants to move to a new place, maybe leave LA altogether. He have been wating to leave LA for the longest time not because of the mexicans. He was tired of LA; he wants something new in his life.

Mike wants me to hold his things when he move. I mentioned I can't. I really don't have enough space in my place. He needs to find somewhere else.

Mike asked "Did the people ever gang up on you?" I told him that no one ever did. Why should people gang up on me? I am the nicest person you ever meet. Of course, with a dark side! LOL.
Few hours later, Mike leave me a NASTY MESSAGE on my phone. He had one more final thing to say. He felt like I was being dishonest; I was very deceptive. He called me a DAMN LIAR! Say what? He felt like I lied to him about people ganging up on me. Not all people get gang up on. He never ever wants to be friends with me. He don't want it. He outgrown our friendship; he got his own place. He have other resources for the internet. He wished he never mentioned about his problems in the building; I was not the one to talk to about it. He believed I was never honest about who I am.

Well, Mike was at it AGAIN!

Few monthes ago, Mike claimed that Brian tried to rape him. Say what? Come on now! Brian will never ever do such a thing. I was there when the so called rape happened. I was sick. Mike was leaving. Brian was nice enough to give him a goodbye hug.

For some reason, Mike loves to start trouble with me. He have some screws lose! I bet his alcohol problem FINALLY sunk into his tiny brain.

Yes, I say it!


In the past, he mentioned a FEW times that he needs to stop drinking; he claimed to be a alcoholic. He spends lots of moneyon alcohol, mostly at the gay clubs.

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