Friday, July 15, 2005

Hit Man 4 Hire

By Kazz Falcon

I don’t believe in suicide
I won’t dare to kill myself
Suicide was the farthest thing from my mind
I was unhappy with my life
I was stuck in life
I just can’t go up in life
I want to make something out of my life
I don’t want to be on SSI forever
No one was willing to give me a shot
I felt like a failure
I was miserable
There must be a way to end my life besides suicide
I won’t go there
I got an excellent ideal
Why don’t I hire a hit man?
They will get a job done for a price
I had enough money, $3,000
I must keep a low profile
I don't want to get in trouble with the police
Damn! It was hard to find one in person
I searched on the web
I posted an ad on Craig’s List
Is anyone interest of being a hit man for hire?

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Wow, what pain and yet such clarity of purpose at the same time. Please email me at if you'd like to talk further about this. Thank you.

Comment from makoshrike - 7/21/05 8:33 AM

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