Saturday, July 16, 2005



This morning, I went to the post office....only Entertainment Weekly was there.

There was no Soap Opera Digest magazine. That really sucks. I should get them weekly. Yet, I haven't recieve a new one over two weeks.

SOD was NEVER EVER like this before. I always get it on time.

I went to Best Buy for over an hour. I wanted to get The Jeffersons Season 1/2. There was none, except one copy of season 3. I already had it. I haven't watch season 3. I want to start from the beginning.

I looked at the movies. Some were $10. I got three movies - The Mummy Returns, The Scoripon King and Ever After.

I went home.....I checked my SOD subsciption online. I still have 11 months of SOD. I ordered the magazine two months ago.

I completely forgot to watch Big Brother 6 on CBS. I listened to disco music on KBIG. I have to see my VCR for Saturday nights.

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