Monday, July 4, 2005



The nightmare was back. I opened the door after 1 PM. Low and behold, Chris sat on the steps, waiting for me. I just played it off. I pretended I didn't know he was here. I smoked in my usual spot, playing connect 4. He just walked into my place without asking. I was sick and tired of the lowlife freeloader. If the firecrackers was legal in california, I will blow up his sorry ass in more ways than one. Hey, I am being honest with my feelings. There's nothing wrong with that. Are you listening, LAPD? Chris did me WRONG many times since the day I met that creep.

Like always, he made himself at home. He fell alseep on the red couch. Throughout the day, same old crap happened. He ate my food without asking. He is really a lowlife. Like I said before, no friend never ever treated like trash. He asked me a few times, "what's wrong?" Like a fool, I kept my mouth shut with the response, "nothing."

I wished I went to the picnic with Peter and Brian at Plummer Park in West Hollywood. I will never saw Chris today. Peter left two messages on the phone; I quickly called him back. I just want to stay home and relax. Earlier I sent him a text. Boy, staying home was a mistake. Once again, I was stuck with the lowlife. Peter begged me to go, but I didn't want to go out. He mentioned they may not work out at the gym today and may come over sometime in the afternoon. They didn't show up. Brian need to get to bed very early for work in the morning.

Get this....I noticed Chris had some kind of x rated video. I tried to sneak a peek. Chris was sleeping. I got on my knees......not that, u guys! LOL. Dear lord, it was an straight video! An hour later, he brought up the movie and wanted to watch it with me! Hmm, Chris is trying to turn me straight! HELL, NO! Nothing sexual happened between us. I got to admit, that was that fastest movie I ever saw! I dreadful didn't want to see the whole thing. Chris accidentally fastforward the movie a few times! Thank God!

I watched King In The Hill for a little while. Chris wanted to see the stupid movie. Chris turned the TV off, turn on the other TV and pop the movie in the DVD. He watched the movie on the white couch. I remained in the desk chair. The movie was aBJ with lots of women. Why gay guy want to see that? Not me.

Few times, he went online in the evening time. I hoped he will check his mail on Friendster. I had a feeling he already read the email I sent him. Why did he ask "what's wrong" few times? I know his game and he lost! He won't run me over any more. He pushed me to the limit of NO RETURN.

I smoked outside with connect 4. I noticed he was on the Friendster web site. I finished my smoke and made me a tv dinner, the very last tv dinner. He ate most of the tv dinners, corn and cereal throughout the week. He didn't brought up the email, nor did I.

I watched my favourite tabloid TV show, A Current Affair, on Fox 11. Wouldn't you know it? He cooked tuna/eggs without asking. He never ask me to eat my food, not even once. I kept my anger to myself. Man, I should have lash him out big time and kick him out right then and there. We watched The Simpsons, then we went to sleep.

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