Tuesday, July 19, 2005

First Time

Peter called me in the morning. It was about time he called. Last week, I invited him to go to the Hollywood Bowl with me. We haven't talk since then. He loves classical music. He made a quite stop at the bank, then he came over. I cooked us some speggetti. We watched The Avaitor with Leonardo DiCaprio. It was a interesting movie. Leo did a wonderful job.

After the movie, I took a quick shower. After 6 PM, we took bus 4 to Rite Aid. Peter brought us some drinks and candy. Peter was too busy, putting the stuff away that he gave me the phone to talk to Brian. Brian mentioned he got off at the subway at Vermont/Santa Monica. I didn't tell Peter at all. I gave back the phone. We crossed the parking lot. We saw each other across the street. I tried to call Brian, but he won't pick up. He knows better! LOL

Bus 4 came. Nah, we didn't take that bus. I mentioned we can take the same bus, 156. Brian got off the bus. We continued to the Hollywood Bowl. We were one hour earlier. The Hollywood Bowl was beautiful. Jack finally arrived 30 minutes later. Jack sat behind us. Peter & Jack got along fabulous. Peter can't remember him from the old days.

We pulled a trick on Jack during the intermission. We moved up a roll; I felt crowded - three latino men sat next to me. Jack was back. He didn't notice we moved up a roll. He sat behind us! LOL.

The concert lasted after 10 PM. I had a nice time. The weather was cool. The music was beautiful. We went home - Jack got off at Hollywood, Peter got off at Gower and I got off at Vermount. I started to bite my nails again! I took bus 4 home. I got home after 11 PM.

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I found your journal and I like it. I'm a straight pos woman who lives with two Gay guys, a long term relationship, 10 years. I battle with depression. I understand you. Our interests in life are similar too. I'm also a writer who gets distracted. lol Write me. Check out my journal too. Called Wishing and Hoping. Thanks. Nelishia

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